"Performance: tap, jazz, jazzy poms & clogging"

Great exercise; great fun


If you love the idea of dancing to different rhythms or improving your timing, fitness and flexibility, the Rhythm Tappers is the perfect place for you! Our classes are designed for all ability levels. Start with the basics, tackle more advanced choreography and take your dancing to the next level and perform on stage if you wish. We welcome women and men.



It’s another exciting time, working on our November show, “Monopoly – a tribute to the game. Over a billion people around the world have played this ever-popular board game. We’ll take our audience on a musical journey – a stroll down “Boardwalk”, a train ride on “Short Line”, or finger snapping to “New York New York” one of the best-remembered songs about New York City. Tickets are now on sale Monday thru Thursday 10 AM-12 Noon at Stardust Theater. For tickets and additional information, please call 623-234-3717. We hope you enjoy the show! 





We are now taking registrations for our SPRING, 2016, classes in tap, jazz,  jazzy poms, and precision tap. Like us on Facebook https://www.facebook.com/rhythmtappers 

Any questions, email us at rhythmtappers@gmail.com 



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