Ilauna head shot

Ilauna began her teaching career in 1980 in Washington State.  She taught in Oregon from 1992 through 2004 when she moved to Arizona.  She started teaching the Rhythm Tappers in 2007.  In 2010, she choreographed the tap number that took the overall championship for Arizona Senior Idol.  In 2013 she choreographed the jazz number for the contestant who won the best talent and took the overall crown in the Ms Senior Arizona Pageant.

Ilauna teaches various styles of dance.  For the Rhythm Tappers, she has classes in Tap, Jazz, Precision Tap 2 (pitter pat clogging), plus Jazzy Poms, (the Rhythm Tappers marching team).  She choreographs routines for our semi-annual shows at Stardust Theatre and assists our show director.  Ilauna choreographed routines for the Rhythm Tappers Advance tap class (2012) and the Jazzy Poms (2013) with both groups taking first place in their category in Senior Idol.  In addition to teaching in SCW, Ilauna has classes throughout the valley, teaching all ages, the young, the senior adult and those in between.  The Rhythm Tappers are proud to have her as our instructor and invite other SCW residents to take advantage of Ilauna‚Äôs skills and talent to dance for your good health and personal enjoyment.




The Rhythm Tappers are happy to announce the hiring of Marcia Day, the new instructor of these new classes. Marcia choreographed and taught Tap Dance primarily for 30 years, mostly in Arizona, but also in California and Hawaii. Directed and performed in a variety of Dance Shows throughout these years. Founder of Tap Dance Arizona – a local Dance Company now under the direction of Marie Campi. Throughout the years Marcia studied with Gregory Hines, Savion Glover, Dianne Walker, Ted Levy and several better tap professionals. She founded Marcia’s Mop Brigade in 1997 which included dancers from 18 to 79 who performed in local parades and at various fund-raisers. She organized Scottsdale’s Annual Celebration of National Tap Dance Day in 1996 – 1998, She was the coordinator of the Scottsdale Sizzler (girls 4 to 14) who performed both Jazz and Pom routines throughout the Valley from 1983 to 1990.