Rhythm Tappers Club

Tap, Jazz, Jazzy Poms & More

Great exercise - great fun!

Come join our fun!!! 

We are a dance club filled with spirit, laughter, friendship and a love of dance.  We have all ability levels and would love to have you become one of us!  We offer classes in Tap, Jazz, Jazzy Poms, Musical Theatre Jazz-Tap-Acting and Tap For Fun With Traci. 

If you have a hankerin’ to tap your toes, shake your pom poms, jazz up your life, or just plain have fun, we are waiting for you!  Not sure which class or classes are meant for you? Come try a class for FREE.  

The bonus of all this dance…..actual exercise without even realizing it!  We welcome women and men.  Now, don’t be shy!  

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Upcoming Classes & Performances

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